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Lower operational costs, better results, and data to show it

  • Save teacher and administrator time through automated weekly planning, marking and data analysis
  • Simplify onboarding new staff with templates, recommendations and performance monitoring
  • Increase student motivation with personalised assignments and progress tracking
  • Improve outcomes with data-driven quality management
  • Provide instant-access evidence for inspectors

How the GEL Aims Continuous Improvement cycle works

Risk-free pricing

Our simple pricing plan reflects your student numbers. Each license is valid for one student for one week, with no long-term commitment. Just buy what you need, including optional pre-arrival and post departure access.

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Case Studies

EC English has a long history of experimentation with online learning, so when the Coronavirus crisis hit, they had ideas on how to progress.


How GEL and the TWIN Group have pioneered CourseQual information dashboards for monitoring consistency and quality in EFL.



In the early stages of covid in Italy, GEL worked with IH Palermo to convert them from a classroom based school to an online school, while maintaining their quality and unique identity.