Guided e-Learning, GEL, is a leading UK based ed-tech company focused on ELT. We offer two services: GELnet for English language schools and GEL IELTS prep

GELnet lets teacher focus on teaching by automatically generating editable weekly plans based on leading course books or your syllabus, complete with aims, outcomes, extension activities, homework from our OUP digital content library and tests. It drives student motivation by showing progress and personalising assignments based on test results, and enables administrators to maintain quality and consistency through progress and performance tracking .

GEL IELTS is a comprehensive platform with 40 full IELTS mock tests, live and pre-recorded classes linked to training content, all supported by native English speaking IELTS experts. Our clients are among the world’s top ELT providers. The co-owners of IELTS, the British Council, use GEL IELTS for all their UK visa and immigration candidates, and GELnet is used by many of the top global ELT language schools.