Ensure your students get the IELTS score they need.

Configurable for teacher support, student self-access, or as a complete service with 1-to-1 tutoring

Get your students confident about IELTS

With 40 full IELTS mock tests and shorter IELTS readiness checks, GEL IELTS can tell your students when they are test-ready and what they need to practise to get the best IELTS score possible.


Extra help for your students on a wide range of topics

• GEL provides daily live and on-demand classes on key IELTS topics • Guided skills is an integrated, topic-based catalogue of classes, IELTS training and practice

Supported by native English speaking IELTS experts

• Ask-your-teacher messaging helps students with general IELTS questions at any time

• Optional 1-to-1s for tutoring, mock speaking or mock writing tests



Teachers spend less time preparing and marking, and more time teaching!


• GEL IELTS content mapped to your preferred IELTS course book

• Automatic marking and feedback for reading and listening

• Assign anything from our content library—IELTS prep, mock tests, on-demand classes, or OUP general English

• Progress and performance dashboards



Maximise student success in get the IELTS score they need


• Readiness check for IELTS

• Industry-leading self-access or tutor-led IELTS preparation

• OUP general English preparation for students who need more support

• Progress and performance dashboards

Risk-free pricing

Our simple pricing plan is based on student weeks and the level of service provided, with no long-term commitment. Just buy what you need, including optional pre-arrival and post departure access.