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How GEL and the TWIN Group have pioneered CourseQual information dashboards for monitoring consistency and quality in EFL. Click here for the case study.

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EC English has a long history of experimentation with online learning, so when the Coronavirus crisis hit, they had ideas on how to progress. Click here for the case study.

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In the early stages of the Coronovirus crisis in Italy, GEL worked with IH Palermo Language Centre to convert them from a classroom based school to an online school, while maintaining their quality and unique identity. Click here for the case study.

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GEL is the leading blended learning solution for English language schools and IELTS.​

All schools are digital

The risks of future lock-downs, travel restrictions and social distancing mean that digital learning is here to stay.​ Students will return to class soon, but only those schools with competitive digital solutions are going to succeed.

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• Average improvement is more than half a band in 5 days of practice*

• 50% more likely to get the score you need**

• 95% recommended**

With 40 full mock tests, AI and examiner checking, and daily live classes, GEL IELTS prep can help you assess and prepare your candidates for IELTS success.​


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