The Guided E-Learning LMS and team have met and exceeded our expectations in establishing a robust system to meet the administrative and academic needs of our faculty, staff, and students. In addition to the available out-of-the-box components of the platform, the team at GEL has been responsive, professional, and always willing to evolve new systems and features to meet the changing needs of our students and industry. Their staff have been true partners in our effort to provide the best learning and assessment experience possible for students in our centres across the globe.

Dave Symonds, Education Technologist, EC English Language Centres

Guided E-Learning (GEL) provides companies with a modern E-Learning platform to enable fundamental skills development in English as a second or foreign language. The platform has been well-designed from both an educational and technological perspective and the flexible and custom-made dashboard designs that are offered by GEL, also allow each company to tailor the platform to their needs and desires.  Both students and teachers have access to a plethora of sources; all of which are interactive and multifunctional.

Lauren Hawker Zafer, AKAD Language and Culture

Guided e-Learning are able to offer the industry a flexible and highly desirable student-facing platform which has proved to be extremely successful with both students, staff and inspection/accreditation bodies alike. Coupled with this is a customer-service approach, allowing us, the school, to feed back with positive results and product training that fits in perfectly with our schedules and needs.

Mark Cook, Chief Operations Officer, LAL

Guided eLearning is a dynamic company that is always pushing forward with new innovations and we at CES felt that this was the perfect fit for our strategic development plan. They have assisted CES greatly in our goal of delivering online ILP through a responsive customer service team and specially tailored products.

Alex Mackenzie, Principal, CES

Everyone at Guided e-Learning is friendly and helpful. They have been very flexible in helping us to develop a bespoke online learning system that meets the specific needs of our students and staff. The platform is much more than just a study tool; it is also a student administration system. Thanks to GeL we are now almost paperless!

Sarah Morse, Principal, Twin

As a distributor of GEL IELTS Platform, the best feeling is to receive a message from a very satisfied customer where the product has helped them to overcome a difficult situation and to achieve fantastic success.

Shanghai Daily

Working with Guided e-Learning has been a real pleasure. They’re fast, responsive and know their stuff. We’ve had several hundred of our learners use the GEL online IELTS resource as part of a blended programme, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Chris Moor, Director and Owner, SLC

Rolling enrollment presents challenges for EFL schools. It is more difficult for students to get a sense of one-to-one attention and keep track of their own objectives and progress. The Guided e-Learning tutorials system manages that and gives students the feeling that they are getting a bespoke service.

Camilla Harrison, DoS, Tti School of English

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