“We went with Guided e-Learning after looking at all the products on the market and I am very pleased with our decision.  The GEL team show a level of innovation, flexibility and commitment that is second to none.”

Kevin MacNally, Experience English Group

“The software UIC uses to manage the tutorial system and give online support is the Guided e-Learning platform. GEL has enabled us to develop a system, which is hugely flexible and yet structured enough to be useful both during students’ stay with us and for a year after they leave. It is an absolutely integral part of our course organisation.”

David Wilkins, Principal, UIC

“Placement testing with Guided e-Learning has had a major, positive impact on the school. In addition to the environmental impact, costs are lower, morale is higher, the students’ first day is smoother. It’s been so successful that the ELC group has rolled out the system to all of its schools.”

Rachel Johnson, Operations Manager, Experience English Group London

“We were recently inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. One of the key focuses of the inspection was on progression; how we as a school, and the student, track the progress a student has made during their course. This is something which traditionally is pretty difficult to track in ELT and having the GEL tutorial system in place was a definite bonus. It gives both us and the students a record of progress which is accessible at any time, from any computer. It also encourages independent learning from the students.”

Leanne Linacre, Principal, Liverpool International Language Academy

“Rolling enrollment presents challenges for EFL schools. It is more difficult for students to get a sense of one-to-one attention and keep track of their own objectives and progress. The Guided e-Learning tutorials system manages that and gives students the feeling that they are getting a bespoke service.”

Camilla Harrison, DoS, Tti School of English

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