About Us


Guided e-Learning Ltd was founded in June 2006.  We provide private schools that teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Internet-based learning services together with a means to develop a community of language learners.

EFL Students invest heavily to secure theireducation butoften struggle to maintain their English over time. Guided e-Learning protects this investment by providing an online community and a structured set of online lessons before, during and after they attend your school.

We provide:

  • Induction courses to help students prepare
  • Online access while at school to provide extra practice and support
  • Structured access when they graduate to provide a language maintenance program

Our belief is that students and schools can form an extended relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties. The Guided e-Learning platform helps studentsmaximisethe efficiency of their course. Likewise, schools gain more revenue through the advocacy of its students, providing a better referral base and a means for the schools to advertise for new students.

Here at Guided e-Learning, our mission and values give us an approach that keeps our clients and their students at the heart of everything we do.

Mission Statement

To provide skills-based, interactive, online learning interactions that cater for all learning preferences and encourage student autonomy. To help schools achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as improve the level of engagement and advocacy in their student population.


Guided e-Learning co-existswiththe school’s face to face teaching. It’s learner centric and

  • Directs student to material that is the most useful and relevant to them
  • Gives clear objective and outcomes
  • Shows students what to do next
  • Clearly defines ‘what’s in it for me’ – the benefits their learning is likely to bring
  • Helps them prepare for, practice, revise and maintain their language skills

What sets us apart from other online providers?

There are three main themes that emerge from all our client feedback. They choose Guided e-Learning because:

  1. We work with many of the best schools in the world
  2. We are a small, agile company with a flexible,customisedapproach
  3. We develop academically robust materials

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