GEL Distance Learning

GEL provides companies with a modern E-Learning platform to enable fundamental skills development in English as a second or foreign language. The platform has been well-designed from both an educational and technological perspective and the flexible and custom-made dashboard designs that are offered by GEL, also allow each company to tailor the platform to their needs and desires. Both students and teachers have access to a plethora of sources; all of which are interactive and multifunctional.

Lauren Hawker Zafer, AKAD Language and Culture

Using our proprietary Aims technology, you can structure your courses to be completely online or include contact time with teachers. You control your blend to control your costs and deliver the perfect solution to your students.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive content

With more than extensive skills lessons from A1 to C1 and over 2500 grammar activities, examples and exercises, you have all of the content you need for an online course

Authoring tool to add your own unique content

Create your own activities or tests. Mix and match your own materials with GEL activities to support your course curriculum using our industry-leading Aims technology.

Targeted learning

Our Aims technology will let you link content to test questions and target a student’s specific needs.

Grammar app so students can catch up with grammar on to go

Learn English with over 2500 pages of grammar forms, explanations and practice exercises. Gel:Aims English Grammar is one of the most comprehensive grammar study and practice apps available.