This page provides you with information on the latest academic thinking on online learning in support of a classroom environment.

We have also provided answers to some of the more common enquiries relating to setting up and implementing Guided e-Learning at your school. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions

Why our material works

Writing a simple grammar lesson is straightforward…

Writing a skills-based, outcome focused, interactive, online learning interaction that caters for all learning preferences – well that’s an entirely different ballgame. Yet, that’s what it takes to make online learning really work.

Online learning is, by nature, autonomous. Therefore, to be successful it has to:

  • direct students to what is most relevant and useful for them
  • set clear objectives and outcomes for each session
  • show students what to do next
  • clearly define ‘what’s in it for me’ – the benefits their learning is likely to bring

A catalogue of inexpensive transformation activities doesn’t do this. Guided e-Learning does.

Designed by experts, Guided e-Learning provides skills-based, interactive, online learning interventions that cater for all learning preferences and encourage student autonomy. Guided e-Learning helps schools achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as improve the level of engagement and advocacy in their student population.

Further information

Guided e-Learning approach this challenge by ensuring that the:

  • Learning is skills-based
  • The syllabus is integrated
  • Materials include a high proportion of authentic documents
  • Topics are genuinely engaging

Skills based. Online learning requires autonomous usage. The challenge is not to open a library; it’s to direct the student to the right material. The Guided e-Learning Study Plan focuses on the acquisition of skills. Content is adapted according to the student’s results. Irrespective of the length of time between logins, the Study Plan puts the most appropriate learning materials in front of the student, and gives them immediate feedback on their performance.

Integrated Syllabus. Each lesson leads the student through a variety of learning activities to fulfill the course objectives. If you think of a lesson as a meal, there’s an appetiser, main course and dessert – a good meal has all three elements. A great diet will have this, plus variety and nutritional balance. The Guided e-Learning integrated course provides this.

Most online learning, however, is categorical in nature – in other words, it provides a long menu, but doesn’t lead to a great diet!

Authentic Materials.  Many of our Study Plan lessons link to authentic, academically robust texts on the internet. There are over 1000 links to external websites in the Guided e-Learning library. Maintaining and checking these links is worth it for us because the quality of content is paramount and teachers and students immediately see the value.

Students also gain unlimited free access to ‘Flash Point’- our weekly news-sourced lesson. Each week our writers research the news headlines for articles that will be accessible and of interest to a broad range of students. We then create a multi-level lesson around it. And if you want more, there’s already an extensive archive of relevant and updated material.