Features and Benefits

Guided e-Learning can make significant contributions to schools teaching English as a Foreign Language. The features and benefits listed below can help your school :

  • Demonstrate its commitment to making your students feel valued from the moment they register
  • Assist teachers by offering activities and supplementary lessons using authentic, web-based material
  • Maintain a relationship with the students long after they graduate
  • Demonstrate that you support their social wellbeing and pastoral care
  • Increase student advocacy – where they recommend your school above all others


Features Benefits
Flash Point – a free weekly online lesson built around topical news items It exposes students to authentic and relevant source material with access to the current week’s lesson and the full archives as long as you provide the Guided e-Learning platform

Personal study plan – interactive online learning that adapts to the pace and capability of each student It tailors lessons to students’ needs to help them maintain what they’ve learned while in your school

e-Reception – online course administration, forms and information Free up your admin teams and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on paper

Full customisation –  tailor-made online learning package Every school is unique, and your online learning system needs to be unique as well.  We customise your platform to fit into your work-flows,  look like your school, have your content, and run applications which will be successful given your resources and environment
Full project management – expert project management for the implementation, training and launch We understand the investment you’re making, and that’s why we provide expert project management and support to ensure that implementation, training and launch run smoothly
Ongoing full support – help is offered even after the system launch free of charge Unlimited help and support from our experts so that you have ongoing contact for future queries
Structured, guided learning– students work at their own pace but follow a clear path through learning materials Students don’t need an endless library of reference material.  Just as in a classroom, where a teacher highlights a learning point, so Guided e-Learning directs students to the right content, whenever they want and wherever they happen to be

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