Guided e-Learning for Educators

Supporting the face-to-face teaching that you already provide, Guided e-Learning provides an online environment unlike any other. Both the structured course materials and the reference pages:

  • are academically robust
  • engage student attention and interest with well-planned learning objectives
  • make extensive use of authentic sources as well as purpose-written documents
  • provide automatic & instant feedback as your students study
  • adapt to the capability of students, tailoring each individual personal study plan on the basis of performance over time
  • set a strong context for learning in the real world with our weekly ‘Flash Point’ lesson – so that it’s always relevant, topical and interesting.

In addition, Guided e-learning

  • helps your students to prepare for study before they reach you, and to maintain their language when they leave
  • allows anytime, anywhere access – so your students can prepare for classes, study for exams, discover new ideas and practise their language skills – wherever, and whenever they want

Guided e-Learning allows you to extend the breadth of your students’ access to learning materials before, during and after their time in your school. By choosing to offer our e-learning programme to students beyond graduation – language skills are maintained and the relationship of trust with your school is not only consolidated, but also lengthened.

If you are an educator – this is a suggested tour around our site to give you a good understanding of what we offer: