Business Managers

An online platform is an ideal way to provide a comprehensive, long-term service to your students – and it makes sound business sense. 

One of the biggest concerns that students have is how they maintain their English, or get extra help, when they need it. They’ve often made a big investment in coming to your school and want assurance that their language skills can be sustained.

It’s important to understand that students aren’t coming to your school to study in front of PCs — they are coming to study under expert language teachers.  Fundamentally, your online learning system has to support this—not compete with it or detract from it.

Guided e-Learning understands this, which is why students get access from the moment they register and maintain access as long as you are providing the system.  It’s not our role to tell students when to get extra support, only to make sure that it’s useful and available when required.

If you are a business manager – this is a suggested tour around our site to give you a good understanding of what we offer: